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The 101 skateboards brand was founded in 1991 by two skate legends. Natas Kaupas , one of the first street skaters, he notably invented the wall ride and the flat ollie. At only 16 years old, he became a figure on the international skate scene and will forever remain a legend in the history of skateboarding with, for example, his panther visual imitating Metro Goldwyn Mayer's visual on his Santa Monica Airlines pro model. Steve Rocco , a true legend of skate culture, he was a precursor in this emerging industry and quickly contributed to its development. For example, he co-founded the famous brands Blind , Plan B and 101 skateboards.

Natas Kaupas succeeded in sponsoring the best skaters of the time and constituted an exceptional team with, for example, Eric Koston , Andy Stone or even Jason Dill. Together, they will release some of the most revolutionary videos of the 90s. A few years later, the brand runs out of steam and disappears, but it is to better reappear today and offer reissues of legendary boards and carry the heritage old-school skateboarding .  Long live the return of 101 Skateboards and retro skateboarding at Hawaiisurf!

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