Hawaiisurf X Lucas Beaufort 8.0 Yellow Deck Skateboard 1/3

Lucas Beaufort


Ref product : HWSLBDK800
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Discover the unprecedented collaboration between French artist Lucas Beaufort and HawaiiSurf ! A fully designed deck with its famous imaginary characters, the "Gus-Gus" reflecting the soul of peace and tolerance of the artist. This deck is not only a work, it has a very good solidity and an unparalleled pop. Don't miss your turn, stocks are limited .

A grip offered for the purchase of a deck!

Dimensions: 8.0 x 31.8

Deck: Collaboration affixed directly to the wood with the artist's logo

Practical: Street or park and even for decoration

Composition: 7 plies of maple for a solid top

Shape: Classic with raised nose and tail to easily hit your tricks

Concave: Medium, the right compromise between freedom of movement and responsiveness

Enjoy the Lucas Beaufort collection on HawaiiSurf !

Season SS22