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Dalbello Chakra 95 Ls


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The Dalbello ski boot brand still offers as much style and comfort in its ski boot ranges with the added bonus of the unique design of the "cabrio design", making it very easy to put on your ski boots, even on steep slopes. high-end products such as the Dalbello Chakra 95 Ls women's shoe.

Let's dissect the Dalbello Chakra 95 LS ski boot

This 100% women's model offers multiple possibilities when it comes to the playground, since with its versatile assets, you will be able to embark on track sessions, but also freestyle and off-piste. We find all the science of designing comfortable ski boots by Dalbello with a 100% thermoformable but also shape memory liner, all in warm and insulating materials. Look at this "moumoute" which protrudes from the top of the slipper, you are already sure ladies that in this type of shoe you will be like in slippers. We find the traditional design of the brand with 3 buckles and a big powerstrap, and a width here with metas of 98 MM for even more precision in your ride. The flex 95 is aimed here at female skiers who like to stay in place, to perform in all conditions.

Is the Dalbello Chakra 95 LS ski boot made for you?

Treat yourself to great comfort while having a desire for performance, by choosing this versatile shoe that perfectly encompasses your feet, all with a nervous flex to send sessions to Mach 12!

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Season FW17/18