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Chaya Park Karma Pro Red/white


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The German skate brand Chaya (meaning "life" in Hebrew) has come to breathe new life into quads, mainly in derby but also in freeride , as with its new line for skate parks .

the Karma Pro, the all-terrain skate.

Boots : this karma shoe has a new look but has lost none of its capabilities . Its fiberglass boot is extremely light , comfortable and with excellent support , it will have a perfect fit while leaving your feet with the unequaled comfort of a sneaker .

Frame : Shari's fiberglass frame has become an icon in the park world. Now with this 2nd generation model, the Karma Pro will take your skating to another level. The skates now feature the new Chaya XTNDR wide trucks - solid forged aluminum trucks and replaceable 126mm wide CroMo steel axles . Three different axle lengths are available as replacements (126mm, 136mm and 146mm) to give you different options to customize your setup. Thanks to these wider axles you will feel more stable and be able to lock onto the rails and coping much easier. Also included as standard, the asymmetrical grind block

Wheels: Chaya Firebolts 58mm x 32mm and 100A hardness

Bearing : WICKED ABEC 9 bearings

Stop : Stop Chaya

In short, the Karma Pro is truly the first of its kind, designed specifically for the park and designed to withstand the highest jumps , the longest grinds and the most aggressive tricks both on the street and in the park .

Be careful to always check the size chart of the brand before buying your skates.

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