Hawaiisurf Versus Roller Quad Complet



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The Hawaii Versus quad is the perfect quad skate combining comfort and sneaker style for all-weather skating and for all generations of riders!

With an old school revival style, this complete skate is the perfect product to have fun while ensuring good quality and performance.

The SIFIKA versus HAWAIISURF pack consists of a high-top sneaker (retro basketball style), fleece, comfortable with a faux leather composition and a sewn and glued sole for perfect support and durability.

The frame is none other than the cream of the crop, since it is the ELITE model, 100% French manufacturing and straight out of Hawaiisurf plans more than 20 years ago and wheels. In aluminum, guaranteed for life (under certain maintenance conditions of course), this product is ideal for beginners or frequent skaters .

The pack also comes with a set of Kryptonics wheels, the hottest brand for over 30 years in quad biking and street sports using urethane wheels, 62MM compound for 80A hardness, a wheel reminding us of the famous Kryptonics Krypto of the 80's.

The bearings, ABEC 7, perfect for taking maximum speed, will accompany the Kryptonics brakes. Perfect for reviving or discovering the quad to more than one practitioner!

Low prices for maximum quality and fun!

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