United By Blue Insulated Steel Ochre Gourde Isotherme 65cl



Ref product : 707-279SMO
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You want to limit your use of plastic and drink your favorite drink in peace even at the office! The solution is right before your eyes! The 65cl United By Blue stainless steel bottle is an excellent choice. This material is durable and recyclable , and does not produce any toxic discharge during its production cycle. One more point for this product! From now on, you will be able to carry your hot or cold drink with you while maintaining its temperature for more than 12 hours ! In other words, you'll have time to drink... Added to this is a vacuum-sealed lid to prevent spills and an ultra-practical clip to open and close your bottle with ease!

Double insulation that keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and drinks cold for 24 hours.

Capacity : 65cl

Material : Stainless steel

Washing : Only by hand

Enjoy the best eco-responsible United by Blue products exclusively on HawaiiSurf !

Season FW22/23