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Burton Step On Black Fixations De Snowboard Femme


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All-Mountain, discover the Burton Women's Step On® snowboard bindings !

The number 1 quality of these bindings comes from the speed and ease of fitting where the straps disappear to make way for 3 lugs . These lugs are placed on each side of the shoe at the front of the foot but also on the Achilles tendon area . All you have to do is place your boots in the base and you're done! Pavements with the Felix Step On® you can engage on steeper slopes for a freeride practice, and if you are a fan of the snowpark then you will have to choose the Limelight Step On® which will allow you to juggle between the park and the track in all ease! It is therefore the chosen boots that will guide the binding program. This is why the Step On® binding is offered as standard with a medium flex and cushioning in order to vary the terrain and the pleasures to cut through all the terrain of the resort !

Attention, Step On® bindings are adaptable with Step On® boots only !

Burton mounting bases are guaranteed for life and highbacks and straps are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase !

Practice : All Mountain

Level : Intermediate to advanced

Flex : Medium , perfect flex for beginner and intermediate level riders! Intermediate riders will appreciate the extra support and control this pair of bindings can provide. All-Mountain riders will appreciate the versatility and adaptability of these having a binding that is dynamic but not too stiff to cut through all the terrain at the resort. Riders who like heads and spins in the park will appreciate the ability to hit bigger kickers

Baseplate : Single-component baseplate construction featuring material located throughout, providing response and excellent feel on any terrain // Nylon composite material blended with 18% fiberglass located on the rear reinforcement and upper for a performance construction in power and flexibility

Spoiler : Single-component angled rear brace construction that will provide immediate response by offering you the ability to manage the snowboard's overall flex profile // Totally vertical zero degree tilt rear brace designed for riders who prefer a more laid back feel // FLAD system allowing you to make micro-adjustments to your forward lean angle to customize your position as much as possible

Step On® snowboard boot-binding connection system : This system will use two connection points at the toes thanks to the 2.0 front hooks which have a spring hinge which flexes in order to maintain the closure and facilitate putting on and taking off added at a connection point at the heel, thus improving the reactivity between the boot and the binding

Cushioning : Re:Flex FullBED system, which will provide excellent cushioning under the foot, optimizing comfort and reducing fatigue

Mounting : Re:Flex mounting system that will improve the flex and glide feel of the snowboard while reducing weight

Weight : 1814g

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Season FW22/23
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Entry Mode Step On
Bindings Riding Style All-Mountain
Stiffness Intermediate
Snowboard Inserts 2x4
Snowboard Inserts 3D
Snowboard Inserts Channel