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5BORO is the brand that best symbolizes the style of NYC “New York City” skaters today. Founded in 1996 in the largest metropolis in the world by Steve Rodriguez and Mark Nardelli. The two friends are closely linked to the skateboarding business in the heart of the Big Apple.

The New York skate brand of course offers superb high quality skate decks with premium maple, and above all sleek, minimalist designs in collaboration with many local and international artists. One of the most representative 5BORO 5BORO "5BORO CINCO BARRIOS", featuring the Guadalupe-style holy virgin (yes the one from Santa Cruz Jason Jessee) on a skateboard with slamming typography and a reminder of the 5 "boroughs" that make up the city of New York City, namely Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island.

Steve Rodrigues, the initiator of the "5Boro" project, still in the game after more than 30 years hurtling down the streets of the Big Apple on his skateboard, was one of the great artisans of the safeguarding of the mythical Spot "Brooklyn Banks". .

In addition to the two captains who have been at the head of the independent skate brand since 1996, it's a whole endearing skate team that has been taking shape over the years. The pro skaters are a reflection of this city which "sublimates" and demands a rougher style of skateboarding, due to the sometimes very harsh weather conditions on the East Coast. Thus the brand has taken under its wing hyper-creative skateboarders in terms of street skateboarding such as Jordan Trahan, Joe Tookmanian, Danny Falla, Willy Ankers or the Japanese Akira Ishizawa.

5BORO skateboard like any great skate brand has not forgotten to immortalize its decades of skateboarding images thanks to videos recognized both technically and artistically with the famous "JOIN, OR DIE" or "5BNY & New York , New York ".

Throughout the 5 corners of New York City, you can savor all the aesthetics of the 5BORO brand thanks to their new collections of high-class and quality streetwear and skate clothing. In addition to skate gear, you can find a wide choice on the 5BORO skate shop of sweatshirts, pants, skateboard t-shirts or even caps and beanies.

The 5BORO Skateboard brand has been able to carve out a good presence in the heart of Europe thanks to passionate skaters like Luidgi Gaydu (Team Manager Converse Cons Athletes), who for years has been able to take care of the brand with class for France in part… Thus Hawaiisurf has been supporting the 5BORO SKATE company for more than ten years now.

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