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Since the 25th of May 2018, the date of entry into force and implementation of the "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation), we had to revise our general terms of use for all our customers and future consumers of our merchant site We need to make it clear to you why we may collect some of your data and for what purpose, as well as to whom it may be disclosed.

Protecting your privacy

At Hawaiisurf, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and prospects (visitors) as a whole. As a daily consumer for the entire Hawaiisurf staff, data protection is important to us. Hawaiisurf has always fought against the resale of data to those who have asked us for it, and has done everything in its power since the launch of its first site in 1997 to fight against various forms of fraud.

You can contact our specialists on the subject by sending an email to [email protected] for questions related to data protection.

The SARL Ossau Sport HAWAIISURF, sole owner of the HAWAIISURF online sales site, is the sole controller of all data related to confidentiality.

For the proper operation of our site, the collection of some of your information is essential to the proper conduct of your visit to our merchant site, in order to facilitate your shopping and browsing experience, for example.

Below is an overview of the data that is collected and the purpose for which it is used.

• Cookies

The website uses a variety of methods to collect information such as cookies, html tags, widgets, buttons, embedded urls and other similar technologies. Here is a list (not exhaustive, may change over time)

- IP address
- Identification cookie
- Media ID (browser hardware)
- Browser
- Language
- Country of origin/province
- Hawaiisurf site behavior (searches, clicks...)
- Visited pages and access times (URLS)

All of this information allows us to tailor a better service to our users and improve your visit to our site. Data from cookies and other tags also allows us to obtain more statistical information about traffic to our website and to respond more effectively to different customer journeys and to improve our online store over time.

Some categories of cookies are mandatory for the proper functioning of the website and are therefore constantly active.

Other forms of cookies are present to improve your browsing performance. If you refuse them the site will automatically become less efficient and your user experience will be longer.

Social network cookies and other forms of web advertising, which transmit information to third party companies to tailor their advertising to your preferences and interests. This processing of cookie data is subject to the data protection policies of these companies or social networks.

• Identification (Name, First name and contact details)

The creation of a customer account with us helps us to easily identify each customer and to offer them a quality shipping service. The use of this data, such as your telephone number or email address, allows us to send you important information relating to your deliveries or to detect fraud in the event of a compromised payment, for example. You can also choose to subscribe with this information to our newsletters allowing us to keep you informed of the news of your merchant site, of the arrivals of new products, promotions, dates of sales or events that Hawaiisurf proposes throughout the year with its multiple partners. The objective is to guarantee you a personalised offer according to your purchase history and your desires.

• Your gender

Knowing your gender allows us to make your experience on our site more efficient in terms of navigation. A user who has an account with us and who is of a certain gender will have products highlighted that are more suited to his or her practice, thus making your browsing experience simpler and more authentic. For some of our technical services, such as the "skiman" workshop, this is an essential criterion for the assembly of your equipment, for example.

• Date of birth

Age is an important factor in some of our services, such as the customisation of technical equipment in relation to a level of practice (fitting a pair of skis for example). Your date of birth also allows us to minimise payment fraud (it is not uncommon for your bank to ask you to enter your date of birth to validate purchases on a merchant site like Hawaiisurf). From a commercial point of view, your date of birth allows us to define our customer portfolio, and therefore to better adapt our product offer to propose the best brands according to your needs.

• Purchase history and browsing

The data related to the purchase history is useful on the Hawaiisurf website, especially when finalising a purchase and putting it in the shopping cart. With your history, our after-sales service will have an easier time managing your defective products with our service providers. Depending on the use of your device to browse the Hawaiisurf site (mobile phone, computer or tablet) we are able to automatically adapt the format of the site and the ease of use of your data, in order to have the most appropriate display or the default language depending on where you are coming from. This data is therefore used by us to make it easier for you to send your orders, to fight more effectively against potential fraud and to save you time and make your visit to our website more fluid.

• Payment

At Hawaiisurf we have always made it a priority to protect your data, especially at the payment stage, so that your credit card information is as secure as possible. Payments with your credit card are fully secured with us using several systems that meet the highest standards of bank data security. When you make a payment on our site, your bank details are transmitted in encrypted form and are sometimes recorded by our service providers. We do not at any time have knowledge of all your bank details in our possession, and we do not keep any of this data.


We publish your user experience testimonials after your purchases on our merchant site. These are subject to an internal control by our web service in order to validate them or not according to precise criteria (reliability of the comment, verification that the purchase has taken place, clarity of the message and constructive argument). You can request the removal of one or more of your reviews and testimonials at any time by sending an email to [email protected] or by mail to Hawaiisurf's headquarters, 8 place André Emlinger 64100 Bayonne.

Surveys and participation in competitions

These types of operations are sometimes proposed to you but are not mandatory. If you wish to participate in order to win prizes, we are obliged to record your details for prize draws, statistical data and thus get to know our customers better in order to improve our product offering and shopping experience.

Social Media

Hawaiisurf may use some of your personal information to communicate with you on certain social networks where we have a presence. These various sites classified as "social networks" have their own privacy policies and terms of use specific to them, so we encourage you to read and digitally ratify them if you wish to use them.

• Sharing your information with third party companies and partners of Hawaiisurf

In order to deliver your order as quickly as possible and with the highest quality, Hawaiisurf must share some of your data with several service providers.

- Carriers for the delivery of your orders (DPD, TNT, GEODIS, LA POSTE...)
- Payment providers (BANK, ONEY...)
- Various service companies (website host, advertising partners...)

• Sending marketing messages

When you register on our site (with your consent), we may contact you by email, sms or other communication channels according to the data you have given us in order to offer you news about our company, information about new collections, current or future promotions, competitions, etc.

You can unsubscribe from these services at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link that appears in each of our emails (at the bottom of the page) or by making a request to our web service via [email protected] or by simple mail to the Hawaiisurf headquarters (8 place André Emlinger 64100 Bayonne). If you choose to unsubscribe from these services, you will nevertheless receive by email or sms the elements related to your orders and parcel deliveries. (Shipment number, invoice, carrier tracking, location of the parcel relay...)

• Hawaiisurf targeted advertising on the internet

Hawaiisurf has business relationships with several digital marketing companies and service providers, such as ad services, that allow us to better target you with banner ads when you browse other websites. These advertisements are based in terms of content on information we have about your visits to the Hawaiisurf website.

• Deleting your data

Your data will only be deleted if you wish to permanently remove your customer account from our website and shop. We will keep your data for as long as you have a customer account with us. We update our customer database annually and deactivate and delete accounts that have been inactive for more than two years.

• Update of our privacy policy

As with the introduction of new laws (GDPR) or changes to existing laws, we reserve the right to change our privacy policy and data protection. We will inform you on this page of any amendments that we are required to make.

• GDPR implementation and user rights

The new law dated 25 May 2018 GDPR includes new information about your rights as a user and your personal data. We list these rights below.

- You must be informed about the use of your personal information
- You have a right of access to your personal information that we hold and you can change it at any time, or ask us to assist you in doing so.
- The right to be forgotten: you can request the deletion of your data, the stop of the collection by our services.
- The right to no longer receive marketing messages. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters or by sending us an email at [email protected] or by post (Hawaiisurf - 8 place emlinger 64100 Bayonne).
- The right to request an export of your data to you or another service provider

For any further information, please send us your questions via [email protected] or write to us at the following postal address.

8 place André Emlinger
64100 Bayonne

Any total or even partial reproduction of the contents of the website as well as the use of our photos without prior permission may result in legal action.