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Cassandre, 23, from the Paris region and more precisely from Neuilly sur Seine is our specialist in longboard dancing freestyle. Practicing for 6 years now, she already has a nice track record to her credit, with quite simply the title of vice champion of France. Today, Cassandre has professional status, she teaches and transmits her passion to her students, and besides that, she works as a communication manager for an extreme sports agency. Very beautiful projects await him in the months & years to come! @cassandrelmn

What was the trigger for you? What made you progress?

It clicked when I went surfing for the first time 7/8 years ago. I loved the sensations and I immediately understood that this sport was going to change my life. Living in Paris, barely back I looked for something that could recall the sensations of surfing. My choice is therefore stopped on a cruiser ! I was very quickly at ease, but I was a bit bored. One day in high school, I met a girl who had a big board, and that's when I realized that I wanted the same thing as her. She became my best friend and we started to experiment with dancing together. And then the summer that followed I had a surfing accident where I broke my back...I really thought I couldn't get back on a board. Despite everything, a year later and after long efforts, I was able to get back on my longboard. It was exactly on the day when I had the click that I wanted to do this all my life!

What is your best advice to start skateboarding?

The best advice I could give to newbies to skateboarding/longboarding is to not be afraid to get started. We put on protections and let's go! Women or men, you just need to be motivated to get there. Fear is only temporary.

What are your top destinations? Your most memorable destination?

As for my top destinations, I would say China and Brazil. I had the chance to participate in two competitions there and it was just crazy! I also came second in Brazil, with the jet lag in my legs, it was super nice!

Despite everything, the destination that marked me the most is without hesitation: Japan. I fell in love with this country. Passing by the islands lost in the middle of the ocean and Mount Fuji, I have memories engraved forever.


According to you, the key to your success?

For my part, I would say perseverance! Whatever happens, when we want, we can. There are stages more difficult than others in life, the important thing is to succeed in overcoming them, at your own pace to bounce back better afterwards! If, 6 years ago, someone had told me that I would have done the sporting career that I have today, I would not have believed it! And yet, I got there.


Your next goal?

Content of the current situation I don't really have a short-term objective. Being able to travel again with my board on my back would already be quite a lot! And surfing in Bali too. On the sporting level, keeping myself ready to tear everything up during my next competitions!