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Charline, 20 years old, from Tarbes. I left everything behind to fulfil my dream of living next to the ocean and enjoy my passion, surfing. I have been living in Hossegor for 2 years now. When I was younger, because i was regularly going to Hossegor on holidays, it was my main objective to live here. I fell in love with this little piece of land and I never wanted to leave. So I dared to live my dream to the fullest, which necessarily means fulfilling it. I've been surfing for seven years now. I was lucky to have parents who supported me in my passion and I went to a surf club every weekend to start. Now that I live in Hossegor, I surf every day in all conditions. Besides my passion, I'm training in digital marketing because I have several projects in mind, always related to surfing and I have the ambition to pass my BPJEPS, I would like to transmit my passion.   

What was the trigger for you ? What made you progress ? 

As I said before, I used to go on holiday to Hossegor all the time. Until the day my parents decided to go on holiday to Mimizan, a bit reluctant but too young to impose myself, I had to go. I remember this surf school which was the condition to spend a good holiday "we will go to Mimizan but I will learn surfing". I took a week of lessons, and that feeling of freedom and glide never left me from the first wave.

Thanks to surfing, I was able to learn to trust myself, to push my limits. It was a great pride for me to get out of my comfort zone. So surfing has become a huge part of my life, it's now part of my everyday life, a kind of common thread.

I find that surf clubs are perfect for starting out. It's a great way to get started, both in terms of relationships and sports. Good surfing basics and great connections with other members.

Even now I do coaching with Nicolas Fernandez, Surfcoach, to improve myself.

What does surfing mean to you ?

Surfing means so much to me, it's almost impossible to put into words what surfing means to me. There are so many sensations, feelings, the ones that make you get up before dawn and the ones that keep you going after you fall. It's also hours spent with our lips salty and our hands wrinkled from staying in the water with the cold that sets in after a winter session.

It's obviously a sport, a passion, but much more than that, it's a big part of my life.  Surfing is a well being, a balance as well as an escape, I would almost go as far as to say that it is therapeutic.

It's what allows me to be free. The moment when you catch a wave, the moment when you feel at one with the ocean, the moment when the noise of life fades away, when you don't think about anything, the moment when you dread the next series that you see coming in the distance... It's a work on ourselves, a surpassing of ourselves. We become addicted to the feeling of surfing and we always want more. 

There are so many other emotions that come from surfing that it's impossible to describe or list them all. It's part of my life and it will be part of my future too.

what is you level and evolution in surfing ?

I wasn't lucky enough to live by the ocean so I started quite late.

I am far from being a pro. If I have to place my level it is rather intermediate but I still have a lot to learn because surfing is a very long sport, difficult to learn and complex because no wave is the same, so the playing field is constantly changing it's such a frustrating sport sometimes... But I am passionate and determined to evolve constantly to push my limits and I think we all love surfing for that. 


There are so many destinations that make me want to travel but the main ones would be Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Indonesia and many more... 

I did a little surftrip with friends in the Canary Islands, more precisely in Tenerife, we stayed there for two weeks to surf and discover the place. It was really beautiful, the colour of the water is just crazy, that's what marked me the most. Keeping my eyes wide open when duck diving in spite of the salt to not lose a single crumb of this sweet spectacle, it was really beautiful. We had good waves and a lot of fun. 

I don't necessarily have a favourite spot, I live near a spot in Capbreton so I go there often, I often think between the deep Landes or just Seignosse. There are so many good spots around here!

What is your best advice to start surfing ? 

I would say to dare, to surpass yourself and not to be afraid of other people's looks, nor to say that you are not capable of it. Whether you're a girl or a boy, if you're motivated then go for it. We've all been there. I advise beginners to take a surf lesson with an instructor just to get a good first impression with a solid foundation to have more fun.

Your next goal ? 

I have several goals, but the one I'm most passionate about is getting my BPJEPS to be a surf instructor! I'm so passionate that my goal is to pass on this passion to the next generation. I'm always there to help others in the water, it makes me happy to see them blossom!

what is your favorite board at hawaiisurf ? 

My favorite board at HawaiiSurf is the Venon Node Fish! It offers great stability, while having an easy paddle for maximum wave catching, as well as a large channel in the tail for extra maneuverability.