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We no longer present it, the Adidas brand is the recognized brand in various sports around the world. Much appreciated by athletes since its inception, the brand has always surrounded itself with the best athletes in order to create quality sportswear by taking up its classic products with modern technologies !

This is why, in 2013 , the brand set out to conquer the mountains ! Created at the same time as the Adidas Skateboarding brand, the Adidas brand wanted to extend its range to board sports , the only niches that were not yet exploited by it in order to give itself the challenge of always going further. in the technicality of its products and thus equip athletes around the world for multiple sports!

The brand wants to be trendy and technical and will manufacture quality snowboard jackets , boots and goggles! The brand, chaired by Jake Blauvelt , includes snowboarders who are among the cream of snowboarders such as Keegan Valaika , Forest Bailey , Kazu Kokubo and the famous Louif Paradis .

The light is worn on the snowboard boots ! The Adidas Snowboarding brand is pulling out all the stops to arrive on the market ahead of the competition already present! The boots will be inspired by Originals football boots in order to create a unique piece filled with technicality while keeping the mythical style of the brand. All types of skiing will go there! You will be able to find high-performance snowboots for freestyle , freeride and also the piste !

Taking up the styles of the sportswear range, the technical snowwear clothing from the Adidas Snowboarding brand will also be filled with multiple technical features to keep you warm, with resistant materials , heat sources , breathable but also windproof and water -repellent! You will therefore be able to find so-called SoftShell jackets for men and women inspired by the famous zipped hoodie equipped with warm and breathable technologies. You can also find a selection of fleece jackets that will be directly inspired by the brand's legendary tracksuits !

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