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The ALK13 company is a brand specializing in the manufacture of skateboard helmets, roller helmets and water sports helmets founded by Vincent Isaac, alias Vins, the former Street-Aggressive roller skating pro during the 90s.

With extensive experience in the practice of urban sports and especially rollerblading through skatepark jams or on mega ramps alongside the best Roller Street practitioners in the world, Vins has been able to tactfully analyze the needs of roller and sports pros. urban when it came to best protect his head.

Since its conception, the brand from the South East of France has come a long way, equipping the best international riders and the cream of French rollerblading, including our ambassador "Romain Godenaire", multiple winners of major competitions...

Now Vins has focused its development on Roller skating but also on a wide choice of extreme sports, such as BMX, mountain biking, SKATEBOARD but also for water sports with Wakeboarding or even Kayaking & Kitesurfing.

All ALK13 products are manufactured with attention to detail and quality, thus respecting each need for each athlete according to his activity. The ALK13 helmets offer comfort, good ventilation and great versatility of practice and perfect colors!

Alk13 has also developed a range of body protections for urban sports such as impact shorts (gluteal and hip protectors), knee pads, elbow pads, roller and skate wrist protectors, and Shin protectors.

Hawaiisurf has supported ALK13 since the very first moment on its Roller protection and Skateboard protection area on and in the heart of our Parisian roller shop.

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