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Almost Ivy League 8.25 X 32.1 Impact Geronzi Deck


Ref product : ALDK0593


The Almost Ivy League board in 8.25 is probably one of the most modern decks there is.

On the one hand through the ecological aspect that it integrates with the Regrowth program which guarantees that each tree cut, two other trees will be planted . This commitment must be sustained to make the practice of our sports more sustainable.

On the other hand, Almost played the party took to innovate and invest in the development of technologies in terms of skate decks. The impact light technology gives the deck a better resistance when performing tricks.

Grip offered!

Please note that the color of the wood on the grip side may vary.

Dimensions : 8.25 x 32 .1 "

Practice : Street / Park / Curve

Material : 7 layers of maple in maple wood with carbon plies

Shape : Classic with raised nose and tail

Concave : Medium

Season INTP
Shape New School
Concave Medium
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