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Created by the famous Burton brand in 1998, Analog entered the snowboard textile market with only a collection of outdoor clothing for men in just 3 pieces.

This small collection literally exploded due to the quality of the textiles and the style of it. After the success of this collection, the Burton brand then decided to make Analog an independent brand .

Analog's goal at that time and which still remains today, is to distinguish itself in the best possible way from its increasingly visible competitors in the world of oudoor. The Analog collections follow the trends from year to year by offering trendy, quality and efficient collections! Designers use the latest cuts and materials to create new looks. Snowboard jackets and snowboard pants will be very influenced by the urban / streetwear style with brand carriers like Mikkel Bang and Austen Sweetin .

Today, the collection consists of technical textiles , streetwear trends such as t-shirts, zipped sweatshirts, jeans and shorts, various accessories, boardshorts as well as the legendary ATF collection .

Find exclusively at HawaiiSurf the best of technical outdoor / streetwear textiles from the Analog brand to shine on the slopes and in the park !

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