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When the most "Chicano" of pro skateboarders alias Mr. Paul Rodriguez (P-rod) long-time pro skateboarder who also founded the Primitive Skateboards brand, and has his own shoe at NIKE SB , meets the Australian (Cliché Skateboards RIP) Joey Brezinski, this gave birth in 2010 to one of the finest brands of skateboard bearings in the industry, namely " ANDALE BEAR INGS".

If you like the California sun, New Mexico, spicy dishes and above all skating with quality skate bearings, stop for a moment on our wide choice of the Andalé range!

From the basic Abec 3 to highly precise bearings in Swiss or ceramic mode, the skateboard brand specializing in skateboard bearings offers a wide selection of bearings for all budgets.

The Skateboard team does not stop at its two founders, since living skate legends like Marc Johnson, Daewon Song, Ryan Sheckler or our Frenchie Lucas Puig are part of one of the most beautiful skate team on the planet. !

To equip your skate trucks and directly your beautiful skateboard wheels, Hawaiisurf offers you all year round to find the complete range of Andale bearings in our Paris skate shop or on our online skateboard sales site.

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