Anon Sync



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The Anon Sync mask is a mixed model that uses innovative technologies. The comfort and adaptability of this mask on your face will make you dream! So don't wait any longer!

Lens: Cylindrical with magnetic quick-change lens technology.

Face: Medium/Large

Foam: Triple thickness

Structure: A structure made of lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane with very high quality in terms of resistance, flexibility and whatever the weather conditions.

ICT: An integral clarity technology developed by Anon offers you a screen with more clarity, whatever the external conditions. A ventilation feature is available to evacuate hot and humid air from the glass area.

Frame: A ventilation channel developed by Anon ensures well-thought-out air circulation. Cold air is brought into the goggle to replace the humid air that is there and thus optimize its use and offer better visibility in all conditions.

Straps: One non-slip strap.

Helmet: Compatible with all helmets.

Season FW19/20