Antics Complete Ace Scooter



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If you are looking for a scooter that is durable , versatile and designed to suit riders of all levels, then the Antics Ace Complete might just be your perfect choice. This scooter has been thought out down to the smallest detail to offer perfect balance and remarkable solidity. Its 4.5" x 19.5" deck is equipped with an integrated headset, guaranteeing smooth use and excellent maneuverability .

But what makes the Ace so special is its combination of unique features. It features a Y-bar , which not only adds extra sturdiness , but also adds a touch of distinctive style. Additionally, the 110mm metal core wheels provide reliable grip and consistent speed, adding to the overall performance.

To top it all off, the Ace Complete has been finished with swirly grips and colored urethane for a vibrant, modern look. From looks to performance, the Ace Complete does not fail to impress.

Weight : 3450g

Deck length : 500mm

Deck width : 114mm

Bar height : 580mm

Bar width : 520mm

Diameter : 32mm

Total height : 630mm

Compression : IHC

Wheel diameter : 110mm

Handlebar material : Aluminum 6061

Wheel Hardness : 88A

Fork : antics steel fork - 120mm compatible

Clamp : antics 2 bolt clamp - 5mm bolts

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