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The Antics brand's Eclipse range of complete scooters represents an ideal entry-level option, bringing a unique selection of components that give it a marked distinction from other models in the same category.

The Antics aluminum handlebar , measuring 24 " high and 23 " wide, is a notable starting point. Antics Swirl Grips and nylon bar ends add a touch of comfort and durability , making it easier for the rider to control.

One of the key elements that defines this scooter is the Antics Eclipse deck. Measuring 5 " wide and 20.5 " long, it's crafted from aluminum for the ideal balance of lightness and comfort. This deck not only offers ride comfort, but also sturdiness for extended use.

For mechanics, the Eclipse offers a new lightweight aluminum fork and a 4-bolt Eclipse SCS compression system, ensuring stability and solidity to the whole. Finally, for increased speed and better grip for hand tricks , the Eclipse is equipped with 120x24mm Antics Hollow Core wheels, a new feature for this version. These large wheels allow for greater speed and a better contact patch, making performing tricks easier and safer.

Weight : 3400g

Deck length : 500mm

Deck width : 127mm

Bar height : 580mm

Bar width : 520mm

Diameter : 34.9mm

Compression : SCS

Wheel diameter : 120mm

Handlebar material : Aluminum 6061

Wheel Hardness : 88A

Fork : antics aluminum fork - 120mm compatible

Clamp : antics 4 bolt clamp - 6mm bolts

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