Antics Scooter Complete Lite Children



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Intended for young riders of all levels, the Antics Lite scooter stands out for its versatility, being also well suited to skate parks only for daily use . This model features durability and convenience that puts it at the top of scooters in this price range.

The Lite Complete is a simple model, but equipped with effective features. Its IHC compression system, Antivs Y bar and unique 110mm plastic wheels ensure excellent reliability and performance . Unlike other scooters at the same price point, the Lite is designed to avoid many common problems, making it a smart choice for young riders.

Despite its recent introduction to the market, this model already has everything to seduce. The Antics Lite scooter offers excellent value for money , making it an essential choice for young budding riders.

Weight : 3400g

Deck length : 480mm

Deck width : 101mm

Bar height : 500mm

Bar width : 500mm

Diameter : 32mm

Total height : 620mm

Compression : IHC

Wheel diameter : 110mm

Handlebar material : Chromoly 4130 steel

Wheel Hardness : 88A

Fork : antics steel fork - 120mm compatible

Clamp : antics 2 bolt clamp - 5mm bolts

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