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Arbor Clovis Snowboard


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Want to ride technical lines all over the world like Arbor pro team rider Mark Carter? La Clovis is here for that! It is said of her that she is seen as a " directional gun ", just that! With its wider nose and a more refined tail as well as carbon and bamboo reinforcements , the Clovis will be able to accompany you on the most beautiful lines of your favorite stations! Riding big to land in powder like a cloud, these are the values of this incredible board! This board will be recommended for advanced level riders , so if you have the legs strong enough to tame the mountain with it, you will be able to appreciate its versatility by destroying the most beautiful off-piste , but also by carving on the slopes like a god!

Terrain : All mountain , versatility is a must! You can be comfortable both on tracks on big releases off-piste powder snow in carving or even in the backcountry!

Flex : 6/10 , medium flex for maximum versatility, stiff enough for carving , but relatively soft for backcountry

Shape : 3 ° Uprise Fenders Directional , Arbor's Uprise Fenders will have raised side sections from nose to tail for a clean ride with no loss of pop from camber down the length. Grip-Tech , lateral tri-radial cut transformed into a point of contact from heel to toe offering optimal ergonomics in terms of grip on snow

Construction / Core : Double Barrel core , poplar and paulownia mixed with bamboo on the center of the board for better control as well as a very pronounced pop. AWD Carbon A-Frame , carbon insert from the contact points of the snow to the inserts for better performance on steep slopes but also if you gain speed

Camber: Camber System, a hybrid camber system for riders looking for a highly reactive board so to improve performance at the edges and a good pop for ollies and carving

Edges : Grip Tech , grip point at the toes and heels creating a quality contact point on snow that will grip perfectly in turns but also on ice . Note that the edges will be designed from recycled steel for more sustainable production . 360 ° wrapped edges offering a certain tolerance as well as a good grip !

Inserts : 4x2 , you can widen the bindings but also make finer adjustments

Sole : Sintered Plus Base , located between a sintered base and an extruded base, the glide will be faster than an extruded sole but will be easier to maintain and repair than a sintered base

Waist width : 257mm for the 159cm

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Season INTP
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Snowboard Shape Directional
Riding Style Slope - Carving
Riding Style Versatile - Freeride
Profile Hybrid
Stiffness Intermediate
Snowboard Inserts 2x2
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