Arbor Crosscut Camber Snowboard



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A comfortable off-roader ! Arbor 's Crosscut Camber is versatile and offers comfort on the slopes as well as ease in the powder . You will have better control over your carves in your speed grips or on steep slopes.
The Camber system brings real fun on the slopes with a high- performance board that brings you easy pops!

Terrain : All mountain freeride . An incredibly versatile , go-anywhere board.
Powder: 4/5
Big Mountain: 3/5
Tracks: 5/5
Park and street: 1/5

Flex : 7/10, balanced and borderline stiff. The most versatile on the everyday, but stiff enough to carve. Ideal for all-mountain

Shape : Directional twin , a perfect compromise between true twin and directional . The board remains symmetrical to ride in both directions, but the inserts are offset further back which facilitates speed and flotation. This shape is found on most all-mountain boards.

Construction/Core : Power Ply construction uses real wood, providing a very high build quality . the top sheet is made from castor oil which has the effect of offering an extremely durable board. The board is very light thanks to the use of triaxial over biaxial fiberglass for the perfect blend of response, fun and versatility. Using Bio-Resin does not affect performance or durability and reduces the carbon footprint on the construction of this board by 40%. The core makes the board light and responsive thanks to a hand selection of paulownias by suppliers. The result is a durable and very reliable board!

Camber : Parabolic camber for a safe bet in all conditions! It is ultra versatile and allows you to make pops in all directions! The camber makes this board efficient and responsive. The board also has a Grip Tech solution with 4 additional contact points to ensure better control over your glide.

Inserts : 4x2 standard for maximum adjustment options.

Sole : Sintered Base , a high molecular weight sintered base that provides increased durability and speed.

Season INTP
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Snowboard Shape Directional Twin
Riding Style Freeride
Riding Style All-Mountain
Profile Camber
Stiffness Intermediate
Snowboard Inserts 2x2