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Arbor Solstice B4bc Cucharon 32.38 Cruiser Complet


Ref product : ABR-COM-0079


Hilary Jane with the design of a very versatile super Arbor thanks to its standard shape! Go to the skate park or just take a walk with an eco-responsible wooden skateboard.

A part of the sales of the Solstice collection is donated to the benefit of the fight against breast cancer

Plank: 7 ply Canadian maple with rosewood wood finish, maximum strength and durability

Size: 32 .375 x 8.75

Grip: Transparent with great grip

Trucks: Paris Reverse 50 ° 149 MM, lively fluid and solid

Wheels: Arbor Easyriders, 58 MM 80 A. Ideal for cruising and carving with a 20 MM contact patch

Bearings: Abec 5 equipped with spacers, well rolling

Layer of recycled glass over the grip, guaranteed style effect

Enjoy the best Arbor on HawaiiSurf !

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