Armada N Shift Mnc 10 Fixation Ski Freerando Hybdride



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Discover the N Shift MNC 10 ski binding from the Armada brand!

It is the ideal binding for skiers who wish to have a binding that performs as well downhill as uphill with a hybrid technology that will perfectly combine the efficiency of a binding with inserts for fast and light climbs with the performance of a binding. alpine freeride ski for a comfortable and safe descent ! With its toe piece with inserts, you will be able to find a complete rotation of the heel piece for an ever more efficient binding when climbing . Its elasticity of 47 mm and its long fins located at the level of the stop will provide excellent power transmission that will perfectly absorb shocks ! In addition, the N Shift MNC is designed in carbon-infused polyamide which will combine aluminum and steel for an ever lighter design with only 1.7 kg per pair which will not lack robustness ! Finally, it is MNC ( Multi-Norm Certified ), which makes it a binding compatible with all shoes on the market !

Program : Freerando - Freeride

Shoe compatibility : Binding compatible with alpine boots on descents but requires shoes with inserts for climbing // Certified by the TÜV for the ISO 13992 standard (hiking bindings)

MNC : Multi Standards Certified ISO 5355, WTR, ISO 9523, this binding will accept all types of ski boots such as alpine ski boots with flat soles as well as "touring ski" boots with anti-slip soles. The toe of the Shift is adjustable in height, which will allow it to adapt to all shoes without compromising safety and sliding performance.

Skier level : Intermediate to advanced

Weight of the skier : 40 to 100 Kg

DIN/ISO : 4-10

Weight : 1730g

Elasticity : 47mm

Adjustment range : 30mm

XL wings : Long wings that perfectly wrap the toe of the shoe to provide excellent power transmission

Carbon-Infused Polyamide : Durable, ultra-lightweight alloy specifically designed for the needs of the Shift binding itself

Climbing wedges : Convenient positioning of the climbing wedge to the other using a stick

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Season FW22/23
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Ski Riding Style Freerando
Minimum Din 4.0
Maximum Din 10.0
Stop-Skis Oui
Sexe Mixte