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Arva Airbag Tour 32 Avalanche Safety Airbag Bag


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L'Tour airbag32 or the lightest and most efficient model on the market of anti-avalanche backpacks. Offered by the specialist brand for mountain safetyARVA, it has many features allowing it to rise to the rank of the best airbag bags.

Functionalandessentialfor hiking, you will find: acompartment for safety equipment,acarbon bottle,aquick access pocket,ahelmet holder,aeasy ski carrying system,without forgetting thesystemARVAReactor.This model at volume more than adequate to32Lwill be ideal for transportingyour hiking essentialsas well as your small rewards to enjoy at the much appreciated moment of the arrival at the top! For moremore comfort,the strapsDaisy Chainmake it possible to compress the bag in order to bring morestabilityand oflightnessto enjoy the descent. In terms of storage,a front pocketis specially dedicated to safety equipment, afunctional zipperclose to the back allowing quick access to your equipment as well as aexpandable pocketon the side of the bag for easy access to your water bottle or gloves! The little extra of this product, it is made frommaterials performingandrecycledfor another backpackmore sustainableandeco-friendly.

SystemARVAReactor: Equipped with the systemlightest dual airbag(680g), efficient and compact on the market. The characteristics of this essential product: asecurity doubledwith2 separate airbags; ainflation systemsuper powerful; a balloon shape allowingprotect the headand D'optimize liftin the avalanche; aergonomic trigger handle;no electronic device(no battery);removable systemandcompatiblewith all other bag modelsARVA Reactor.

Efficient lateral ski transport: Opt for the quick and easy solution ofARVA. Secure your skis in 2 seconds with theA-Frame side carrysuitable for wide skis. This system allows abetter weight distributionat the level of the backpack. We still recommend that you use astrapto fix the top of the skis and spread the heels safely.

Possibility of compatibility : The modelRound32Airbagis compatible with technologySwitchARVA. The Tour backpack32is composed of these two elements:Round32Switch Cover & Switch Frame Reactor.

Respect the environment: The brand attaches great importance to the materials used in the design of their products. 100% of Tour Series fabrics are 100% recycled.ARVAusesPolyamide 330D Mipan Regen Robicand200D/300D recycled polyester. The backpacks are also all certifiedPFC-FREE.

3-in-1 adjustment system3D-FIT

ComplianceStandardEN16716, certifiedTUV GS

StrapsDaisy Chainto attach accessories

handle fastenerstrigger, safety whistle

Comfortable, water-resistant thermoformed back panel


Weight: 1810g

Composition: Recycled polyamide 330D Mipan Regen-Robic / Recycled polyester 200D & 300D

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Season FW22/23