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Arva Pack Safety Box Evo5 Dva


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The EVO5 rescue pack in ultra-compact format is ideal for regular practitioners. Developed by the brand specializing in mountain safety equipment, ARVA , this combination of products is super complete. This pack includes an EVO5 device, a Spark 240 probe and an Access TS excavator .

EVO5: The essential accessory that needs no introduction! Version 5 of the EVO device offers maximum performance for minimum size. The EVO5 always accompanies hikers in their search for avalanche victims . This version, however, has the latest technologies to facilitate research and obtain a more compact device. This product capitalizes on 35 years of ARVA know-how. The compactness/performance combination has been developed to its maximum by the R&D team for optimal and simplified handling. Group-Check system, marking, automatic return to transmission, interference management, this device is a a true concentrate of all the features necessary to rescue avalanche victims.

Shovel Access TS : Even more practical than the Access shovel , this one has been declined in a telescopic version for even more efficiency and compactness . Thanks to its telescopic handle, this shovel proves to be very effective in a rescue situation without compromising weight or compactness . the PIN LOCK locking system allows quick mounting of the bucket on the handle. Telescopic model with a minimum length of 57cm and a maximum of 72cm/620g.

Spark 240 probe : Effective in all circumstances, this model combines a sleek design and incredible versatility. Its optimal compactness makes it an ideal companion for all your mountain expeditions. The Pin Lock locking system allows easy and quick assembly by simply pulling the locking handle. This model is suitable for a wide audience , whether for experienced skiers or beginners, this probe is very easy to use . Probe with a total length of 2.40m made up of 8 strands of 30cm/ 250g .

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