HawaiiSurf is above all and since 1976 a team of enthusiasts at your service to allow you to practice your favorite sport in the best conditions and especially with the products that will suit you best.

Whether you are looking for skis , snowboards for the winter season, surfing , bodyboarding to go into the waves or skateboarding or rollerblading to stay on dry land, we will be able to advise you whatever your level and favorite sport. All our products sold are in our warehouse next to our office so we will be reactive to take a look at the products. Our privileged relationship with the best brands in the boardsports industry allows us to learn more and more to refine our thirst for sharing.

Tom: He is as comfortable in the line up of the Basque coast as in advising you on the best equipment to make you happy in your practice of bodyboarding. Have a question about a boogie board size or construction? A rather flex or soft fin? If you're nice he might even give you a spot that's doing well right now! Always benevolent and ready to laugh, Tom will delight you.

Thomas: A fan of aqua photos, but also a surfer and bodysurfer, he will be able to guide you in buying a neoprene wetsuit and accessories adapted to the water temperature and your budget.

Julien: A fan of adventure, he works hard during the week while waiting for the weekend when he can go climbing, hiking, ski touring or bivouacking. He's always the first to urge us to go to the climbing gym during lunch break. An experienced connoisseur, but cautious in his practice, he will give you the right tips to ensure in most conditions.

Benjamin: Certainly he skates less than he was 20 years old, but the passion is eternal and most skateboard brands will have no secrets for him. Fans of beautiful skate products and its culture, he will be able to advise you on a board size, wheel hardness and can even go and check a concave or a decoration in our warehouse. Need an opinion for the purchase of a complete skate for your children, go ask him!

Justine: Rather reserved and focused on work, the native of St Lary in the Pyrenees does not expect anyone on the slopes and even less on the lines of committed kickers. With extensive experience in the resort and in the mountains, she will be able to reassure you in your choices for your downhill, freeride and park skis as well as for your boots or bindings. Some snowboarding colleagues often put it in the office, but once in the resort, the case is closed!

Benjamin: Like many children, the low alpine started skiing at school when he was 6 years old, but despite his first star in his pocket, it was soon snowboarding that attracted him. Imagine starting snowboarding in the 90s with plate bindings and used ski boots. Time passes, the equipment evolves, but the initial passion for carving in powder with friends remains unchanged. If you recognize yourself in this fun practice of snowboarding and you need advice on a board shape, a choice of camber, a type of boot tightening or even to talk about high-performance snowboarding, call Benjamin.

Mateo: Originally from the southwest, he skates when it's flat and surfs when the waves are there. Modest, but of an advanced level, his kindness will be matched only by his precious advice so that you can surf with suitable equipment. There is no point in having an easy duck board if there is not enough volume to chain takes offs and pass the sections. Surfing happens in the water and this man on the ground will know how to avoid beginners' mistakes as well as tell you about the latest high-performance shortboards, fins, covers or high-tech leashes.

Camille: Fan of the latest trends and consumer of beautiful textile products from the best streetwear and sliding brands, she will be like your personal shopper on our site. With it, it will be easy to make the right choices of cut, material and avoid "fashion faux pas".