How to choose the right skateboard trucks?

The "trucks" that can literally be translated with the word "axles" consist of a pair (two units) that we sell to you directly in pairs when you purchase skateboards on These mandatory components in the composition of a skate pack will allow you to be able to fix your 4 skate wheels as well as the skateboard bearings. They are recognizable by their shape a bit like the letter "T" and their always in a robust metallic composition.

What are my skateboard trucks for?

Skateboard trucks have two main missions (besides being able to fix wheels and bearings ), they will allow you to roll and therefore turn, rotate your board for changes of direction. Not every pair of skate trucks spins the same way because your body weight, heel pressure, or toe pressure in your pairs of skate shoes can cause your skateboard deck to react in totally different ways.

When you have a certain mastery in the practice of skateboarding, these trucks are also useful for performing figures (tricks) called "grinds" (or slides) which consist of sliding on various surfaces of skateboard modules (curbs , coppings, benches, low walls…).

What are the different elements that make up my skateboard trucks?

Your new pair of truck skates is an object composed of multitudes of components, these all have an essential role and above all can be modified according to your desires and needs, or simply to change a defective part if your truck has not yet broken.

The base: It is also called "baseplate" it is the support of your truck which is directly fixed on your board (some add risers pads between the wood and the baseplate), it is the base of your truck , perforated to save weight. The holes in the base are the places to fix it using your skateboard hardware.

Erasers: "Bushings" in skateboard language, are pieces of rubber material that are visible on each side of the "hanger", the central part of your truck. These rubbers are installed on each side at the ends with metal washers to prevent when tightening your rubbers that they do not crush too much. These rubbers act a bit like shock absorbers, allowing you to have more or less rigidity according to your desires, thus impacting the handling of your skateboard pack. Just like skate wheels, the hardness of the rubbers is variable (Hard-Medium-Soft). The stiffer the rubber, the less the truck will turn, the more flexible it is, the more it will turn but will lose stability.

Kingpin: Besides being a component of the truck named after a famous skateboard magazine, the kingpin or more commonly known as “axles” is simply the large screw that holds the entire truck to its base. This piece will wear out over time from grinding on it, to the point of no longer being able to play with the tightening of its set of bushings. If this were to happen, you can change the axle without worries by going to the skateshop.

Hanger: The large visible part of the top of the truck is where the skater will "slide / grind". The hanger is one with the base of the truck thanks to the kingping (the threaded axle) which passes through it or comes with a "nylstop" nut (self-locking) to tighten the assembly.

The axis: it is the part which is symmetrical on each side of the hanger, where one comes to fix the wheels and the bearings (the latter are put in the wheels). With a thread at the ends allowing the wheels to be fixed using two self-locking nylstop nuts. On these two axes are present two metal washers (spacers), which are placed on each side of your wheels, so as not to compress the bearing too much when tightening your wheels.

Here is a detailed diagram of the components of a skateboard truck.

How to choose the size of your skateboard trucks?

There are many truck sizes that are expressed in MM or Inches. At Hawaiisurf we display the matches in both measurements so that you are not lost in choosing your skateboard equipment.

To choose the right skateboard trucks, he first knows the width of his board, so that the trucks correspond to approximately the same width, so the wheels will manage to be as aligned as possible vis-à-vis your deck. of skateboarding. We consider maximum ¼ inch less than the board.

The wider trucks are ideal for those who want to go fast and who also need more stability for a practice rather in skatepark, ramp, bowl and transition. Conversely, smaller and therefore lighter trucks are used more in Street practice with boards that are a little narrower.

Truck sizes often vary by 10 MM: 129 MM / 139 MM / 149 MM / 159 MM/ 169 MM

Basically to give you an idea of the right size associated with your board, this gives:

- 129 MM: Chainrings between 7.5 and 8.0
- 139 MM: Chainrings between 7.9 and 8.25
- 149 MM: Chainrings between 8.25 and 8.5
- 159 MM: Chainrings between 8.6 and 9.0

How to choose the height of your skateboard trucks?

There are three categories of height in skateboard trucks.

• “Low” truck (low) suitable for small wheels (53MM maximum), these types of trucks provide very good stability for street tricks.
• Truck "Mid" (medium) which allows riding on all terrains, versatile.
• “High” truck ideal for large wheels (above 55MM), they are ideal for cruising, curves, ramps and transitions.

Are there brands of skateboard trucks that are more efficient than others?

All the brands have their design secrets, and display a quality label at Hawaiisurf. All of the brands of trucks that we offer are of good quality, durable over time and adaptable to all skateboard decks regardless of the shape you use. Depending on your budget and your level, we can recommend brands that are more or less suitable.

Venture : The most famous brand of skate trucks since the 90's with an excellent quality/price ratio and a remarkable weight/strength ratio. Good standard trucks, versatile with a wide choice of colors and pro models.

Independent : One of the oldest skateboard truck companies, ultra solid but heavier, they come in a wide choice of lengths and heights to cover all practices in skateboarding. It is the favorite brand of strong riders who do big gaps, handrail or curves and skatepark.

Thunder : A more modern brand, which has been able to adapt new materials and in particular to release the first trucks with a lighter kingpin to save weight. The brand of pure practitioners in "Street" mode. We love the quality of the paint and the design of the pro models who are at the top!

Tensor: The most innovative brand, the one that designed the truck that is modern, pretty, light and perfect for street purists who love technique. It's not for nothing that skaters like Rodney Mullen and Deawon Song started this brand...

Royal: the brand of the “Crailtap” group, trucks almost dedicated to street practice. Sober, matte colors, effective logo, a great brand from the 90's.

Film: It's the new brand of skateboard trucks and French in addition! company launched by Jérémie Daclin the founder of Cliché Skateboards, the biggest brand we have known in France. Well-made, low-cost skate trucks.