Making the right choice for your skateboard wheels

Another essential component to the design of your skateboard pack, just like decks and skate trucks , the choice of a good set of skateboard wheels is essential when you start skateboarding and want to progress quickly in everything. security.

In the market for skateboard wheels, we can notice several differences such as shape, color or even size and hardness (which we call shore).

How are skateboard wheels made?

All skateboard wheels are made of a material called "urethane", a kind of rigid and robust rubber injected into a mold to create the "round" shape of skateboard wheels. The appearance of the first skateboard wheels dates back to the end of the 70s, this story is perfectly fictionalized in the documentary film "Lors of Dogtown" which traces the modernization of skateboarding and its rise both underground and cultural.

How to choose the hardness of skateboard wheels?

Measured in shore hardness (A), skate wheels are more or less hard depending on the composition given to them. Overall we find most skate wheels between 88A (soft wheels) and 101A (hard wheels). The choice of the hardness of your wheels necessarily depends on the surface on which you want to practice, as well as the discipline that makes you the most enjoy riding!

A hard wheel rolls much faster and slides easier. This is the type of skateboard wheels appreciated by many skaters who want to work mainly tricks based on "revert or late rotations". The only downside offered by this type of wheels is that with greater rigidity, they make you feel more vibrations under your feet due to the unevenness of the ground.

A soft wheel is rather used for cruiser or longboard skate type skateboard packs. They make little noise, offering great gliding comfort and superb grip. So it will be more difficult to do tricks with this kind of wheel which absorbs a lot of your pop.

It is therefore necessary to choose the hardness of its wheels according to its main practice.

How do I choose the size of my skateboard wheels?

Just like hardness, you also have to think about choosing skateboard wheels according to your practice.

The bigger the wheels, the better they will roll, however they are also heavier and therefore have less pop in your tricks. Instead, big wheels are used for disciplines such as “transition, Pool, Skate Park or even the Ramp”.

The smaller wheels are perfect for "street" practice, with a narrower diameter, these wheels are lighter and will therefore have better pop to get your board off the ground when performing your tricks. However, they will be more quickly subject to wear and to the roughness of the ground, which can sometimes block your wheels.

The width of the wheels is also an argument for the choice of your skateboard wheel set. If your wheels are wide, they will slide better, wear out less quickly and deform less over time, however they may have too much grip for some skaters, who prefer "thinner" wheels, which are therefore more slippery and less adherent but much more fluid and manoeuvrable.

Are there wheels with different cores? What purpose ?

Skateboard wheels are either solid or hollow, with a weight variant for solid wheels which are a little heavier, with the advantage of being stronger and more durable over time. For so-called “hollow” wheels, they have the advantage of being lighter thanks to the fact that they have a more rigid and hollow core with less rolling rubber.

You can also find wheels called "Duro meter" offering a real difference in hardness between the core and the tread. There are two types of “durometer” wheels.

• Harder core than the outer rubber, offering more riding comfort and more protection for your bearings in the core.
• Softer core than the outer rubber, offering more ease for slipping, slipping and sliding on tricks such as the “powerslide”. We also have a finding of greater comfort, with less vibration when driving on rough surfaces.

Does the color of my wheels matter?

No, it's a rather aesthetic aspect! 90% of skateboard wheels are white, conversely for wheels with a cruising skate, ballad or longboardskate orientation where we will rather offer bright colors.

Skateboard wheel brands by Hawaii Surf Skateshop!

Spitfire wheels: The most consumed brand in the world, on the one hand thanks to the quality and the wide choice of wheel types, but also for its fun and colorful designs, with a wide choice of pro skateboarders wheels. This is by far the best value for money on the market for years.

Bones: the ultra-technical range of wheels from the "Bones" group, which also makes the best skate bearings on the market. Bones wheels has the particularity of offering ranges of wheels according to the types of soil and practices, enough to find the right set of wheels!

Ricta: Specializes in "stiff" wheels, it's the brand that offers good solidity in small wheels for street riding, but also in cruiser and bowl wheels!

Haze wheels: The French brand of "BEBER"! And yes it's from us, it's Parisian and above all skate wheels under 40 euros which are pretty good for sanding curb.

Some tables of the BONES WHEELS brand below to find you technically in the choice of wheels.