How it works ?

- Choose Alma at checkout. You can pay in 2x, 3x, 4x, 10x

- For payment in 2x, 3x, 4x simply enter your bank details as for a classic payment.

- The validation of your order is instantaneous for the 2x 3x 4x.

- Regarding payment in 10x, this is a credit agreement established by Alma and your creditworthiness with your bank must be verified at the time of the order via the secure partner & meeting DSP2 "Budget Insight" requirements.

- You will need to choose your bank & choose your current account to check your creditworthiness.

- You will almost instantly obtain your downloadable credit offer & to sign electronically.

- You will then receive an email with the payment schedule and then a reminder 3 days before each due date.

Conditions of eligibility :

- This type of payment is available for all orders between 100€ and 2500€

- Cards accepted are cards issued in France visa, mastercard and Amex.

- Prepaid, virtual and systematic authorization cards are not accepted.

Questions ?

If you encounter a problem with your order paid in installments with Alma, you can go to Alma's customer FAQ by clicking here ( ) or send an email to support Alma customer at [email protected]

To be added if you share the costs with your customers:


- For 2x payment, the fee you pay is 0.78% of your order amount

- For payment in 3x, the fee you pay is 1.55% of your order amount

- For 4x payment, the fee you pay is 32 % of your order amount

- For payment in 10x, the fee you pay is 5.03% of your order amount

Financing granted subject to acceptance by ALMA SAS - 176 avenue Charles de Gaulle

92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - registered with the RCS Nanterre under number 839 100 575. You benefit from a legal withdrawal period for distance selling.


What are the conditions for paying in installments?

Payment in installments is eligible for baskets ranging from €90 to €2,500

Cards accepted are cards issued in France such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Prepaid and virtual cards and cards with systematic authorization are not accepted

I want to pay in installments, how do I do this?

On the payment page, select “Pay in installments with Alma”. You will then be redirected to a payment page where you will need to enter your bank details as for a standard payment. Here you will find a summary of your upcoming deadlines. You will then receive a summary email with the calendar of your deadlines and then a reminder email 3 days before each deadline.

Is payment in installments with Alma secure?

Alma systematically performs a 3D Secure verification to confirm that you are indeed the owner of the card used. Your bank then sends you a confirmation SMS or a push notification in your banking application, to confirm that you are indeed at the initiative of this operation and that it is not fraudulent.

Is payment in installments available in your stores?

Payment in installments is available in all our stores and the eligibility conditions are the same as for our website. All you have to do is ask the seller to pay in installments with Alma and he will guide you.

I want to be reimbursed but I paid in several installments with Alma, what should I do?

Alma is our payment partner but he cannot have access to the management of our orders. If you wish to cancel your order, obtain a refund or a commercial gesture, we invite you to contact us at the following address: [email protected]

You have more questions ? Feel free to visit Alma's FAQ ( ) or contact them directly at [email protected]