Born in the Basque country, Clara is a true surfing enthusiast. From an early age, she has been drawn to the ocean and never misses an opportunity to take the plunge. With growing experience, she has mastered the art of gliding over the waves with grace and agility. Follow Clara's adventures during her surf sessions and let yourself be carried away by her unique connection with nature and the ocean. @clara_daudi

Who are you ? Where are you from ?

I am Clara and I grew up in the Basque country, an incredible place. I am proud to have my roots in a place where the atmosphere and the history are mythical.

At what age did you learn to surf? How did you progress?

I have been immersed in the world of surfing since childhood. Before I even knew how to swim, my father pushed me into the waves and took me surfing with the armbands. He instilled in me the values of surfing, the love for the ocean and the right state of mind to adopt during my sessions. So I had the basics of sliding very young around 4 years old, then I gave up to devote myself to other sports. When I was a teenager, surfing came back into my life. Around 16 years old when I set foot on a resin board again, I understood that it would never leave me. I was then accompanied in sports study section surfing with the BASC, and these high school years made me progress enormously.

What does surfing mean to you?

It's my refuge and an essential landmark in my life, it's magic. I feel such strong sensations when I'm in the water that I often compare it to a surge of freedom, a form of self-expression with nature. And above all, it's having fun and sharing it with your group of friends.

What are your top destinations? Your favorite spot?

I don't have a favorite spot, each wave has its potential and its strength, as soon as there are waves I get a smile. I haven't traveled much but so far I have loved all the destinations, the Spanish coast, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Brittany, Martinique. Without forgetting one of my favorite spots: The Milady Beach, with my friends!

What is your best advice for those who would like to take up surfing?

It's a sport that requires adopting a lot of automatisms, getting into the water regularly and in all conditions. Observe the environment, the functioning of the waves, to capture and understand the spot. Learn to row well, to get up well on a board and opt for a bulky or rather comfortable board (foam type) to avoid the hassles of the beginnings.