Passionate about action sports, Laura is our outdoor referent. She travels France with her boards, her boyfriend, her van and her dog according to the rhythm of the seasons. From the Alps to the Basque Country via the Pyrenees and the Landes, she has decided to lead a nomadic life and shares her adventures with us through the networks. Get ready, it will make us dream! @laura_br

Where do you come from ?

I come from Tours in the center of France and for several years I have been traveling France with my boards under my arm. I decided to lead a nomadic life punctuated by seasonal work. My acolytes are my boyfriend, my dog Plume and my van who follow me in all my adventures.

What are your passions and interests? Which sports do you practice ?

Sporty and passionate, I like to share my lifestyle: sliding and outdoor sports, the mountains and the ocean. Versatile and a bit hyper active, I practice skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, running, swimming, climbing... and I certainly forget some!

What are your top destinations?

France clearly! No need to go to the other side of the world to enjoy when you're lucky to live in France. Our small country alone concentrates the best riding spots (whatever the discipline...). You just have to load the van and presto you'll get a kick out of a weekend. What more ?

What are your goals for 2023?

After more than a year of living in a resort in the Alps, I would like to get closer to the ocean to perfect my surfing. It's really hard to progress in just a few weeks a year. Surfing is clearly the most thankless sport I have practiced!

What does sport represent for you?

All my life ! Sport is my daily life. It's my job and my free time. I start from nothing, I was born in Touraine (there is no mountain, no ocean,...). I didn't grow up in a culture of board sports or sports in general at all. I lived in the countryside. I was just taught to love the outdoors, nature. The simple things what... I started with rugby and I moved to Toulouse for my studies. I spent my weekends in the Pyrenees and on the coast. I started riding at that time. Sport has clearly allowed me to create a universe, to get out of my comfort zone and surpass myself. When you see that at 20, I had never ridden a board and that today I collect them, I tell myself that anything is possible in life!