Skateboarder and surfer, Simon is our skate referent. He made his debut in surfing and even started competitions, but he quickly switched to skateboarding. In 2002/2004 with a friend of his, they got into skateboarding intensively, riding non-stop! Then he came up with the idea of starting small local competitions, and transiting all over France to tackle the big skateparks in famous cities . Through its quality content, it will take you on a journey to all the recognized surfing and skateboarding spots. @simonleaute

Where do you come from ?

I am from Vendée and more precisely from Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile. It is a small town which is located just below Nantes.

What was the trigger for you? How did you progress?

Where I really had a revelation was when I spent 1 year in Australia on the east coast. I discovered the bowl, I skated with real professionals, in particular with Steve Cabalero and Bucky Lasek. We traveled entire cities, looking for the best spots to do our best sessions. It really made me progress and when I returned to France I took part in the French championships. I had the title of vice champion of France in 2012/2014/2015.

What does surfing & skateboarding mean to you?

Surfing is now part of my way of life. As soon as I can, I'm in the water. I constantly want to progress and discover new spots. Surfing is a sport that I like to do alone, although at first it's easier when you're surrounded. Today it's a real breath of fresh air when I go in the water and I find that you are more concentrated when you surf alone.

Skateboarding was a niche, a group of friends and above all a great understanding. It's a sport that is both very individual but at the same time as soon as you need advice, everyone is very open to answering your questions.

What is your best advice to start skateboarding?

The key in skateboarding is frequency and coaching. When you start it is better to share as much as possible, to take the right automatisms to be able to fall.

What are your top destinations?

In Europe, I would say Barcelona because the city has several very good skate spots. Since then, it's been a virtuous circle, thanks to the infrastructure, a real community of skaters has been created. In France, Bordeaux is now the first skate-friendly city, the road surface is perfectly adapted. Because of Darwin's presence, there are even skateboarders who are ready to move to take advantage of it! Internationally, it would rather be Los Angeles. It's the Biarritz/Hossegor over there, all the sponsors, cameramen are there. For all skaters who want to break through, this is a crucial step.