Passionate about sliding sports and practicing snowboarding for almost 10 years, Tanguy is our referent in this field. He left the competition aside to devote himself fully to freestyle and freeride snowboarding. This winter, he will make us dream through his riding sessions in the Pyrenees and the French Alps. Get ready, it will send! @tanguy_chaminade

Can you introduce yourself ? Where do you come from ?

My name is Tanguy Chaminade, I'm 24 years old and I come from Lot et Garonne. I grew up in Tahiti in French Polynesia until the age of 12 when I returned to France. I discovered Toulouse, a very nice city, close to the Pyrenees where I lived for a few years. When I returned to France, I discovered snowboarding, a discipline that I immediately liked with its sliding sensations and its environment.

I then decided to go and practice my passion (snowboarding) in the Alps in Grand-Bornand, for 5 years. During these 5 years, I practiced snowboard cross at a high level by integrating the French team for 2 years. After these years of competition, I decided to dedicate myself to freestyle and freeride snowboarding with the aim of riding for brands and making video content.

I live today in Bayonne. The proximity to the ocean and the Pyrenees allows me to practice my two passions which are snowboarding and surfing.

What is your best advice for those who would like to take up snowboarding?

To start snowboarding, I advise you to practice complementary sports such as skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, etc. These are sliding sports that will allow you to acquire a certain balance to make it easier for you to learn snowboarding. In addition, it is important to be surrounded by people or friends with snow knowledge to help you in your learning. The secret of snowboarding in my opinion is balance and the center of gravity.

What are your top destinations? your favorite spot?

We are lucky in Europe to have world-class mountains and ski resorts. The French and Swiss Alps are among my top destinations for snowboarding. The snow is very good there, the infrastructures such as the snowboard cross courses, the snowpark and the ski lifts are very qualitative. On the other hand, the Pyrenees are still the mountains with which I have the most affinity despite the lack of snow compared to the Alps.

What are your goals for this season?

This season, my goal is to make as much snowboarding video and photo content as possible. I would like to go to the Alps to be able to ride different parks during the winter season. Finally, I would like to explore the Pyrenees in Splitboard to discover its faces and corridors that I don't know yet.

What does snowboarding mean to you?

Snowboarding is a real passion for me, if not a way of life. Indeed, with the sensations it gives me, the contact with nature, the landscapes and the fact that my friends also practice it, make this sport a real passion.