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The year 2000, the year of the new millennium, is often described as the year of skateboarding both in France and in the rest of the countries where skate culture is strongly represented on a daily basis! There have been a lot of new companies being created, including one that made a lot of noise, since the renowned American skateboarder "Andrew Reynolds" founded the Baker skateboards brand in 2000 with his skateboarder friend and baker boy Jay Strickland.

The brand quickly established itself and included in its pro skate team a handful of young talents and future stars of skateboarding. The Baker 3 video revolutionized the audiovisual landscape of skateboarding the year it was released with crazy sequences!

The Baker skateboard represents a real page of history in skate culture, and at Hawaiisurf at the very heart of the skate shop, we offer you a daily stock of baker skateboard products such as skate decks with the famous series that take up the bakser skate. logo all over the place, on lots of sizes and shapes.

Pro skaters like the founder of the “Piss Drunk” movement, Mr. Dustin Dollins has been riding for the baker skate company for a long time, alongside riders like Don Nguyen, Kevin Spancy Long, Supra footwear skateboarder Terry Kennedy and even Tony Hawk's son, young Riley Hawk!

Baker skate is also complete inexpensive quality skateboards, and useful skate accessories such as the legendary wax bar in the shape of a gold bar!

Discover the whole universe of Andrew Reynolds and his legendary brand which has already more than fifteen years in the cutting of curbs and tricks at the skatepark, directly at Hawaiisurf in the Parisian skate shop or on our online skateboard shop.

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Baker Rainbow
Sizes:  8.0

Baker Repeat 8.0 X 32 Deck

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Baker Baker Deck Ar Abq 8.125 X 31.5
Sizes:  8.125

Baker Deck Ar Abq 8.125 X 31.5

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Baker Black
Sizes:  8.5

Baker Deck Ribbon B2 8.5

From €76.00
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Baker Baker Brand Logo Blk Wht...
Sizes:  6.75 6.75 8.25 8.3 6.75 8.25 8.3 6.75 8.25 8.3 6.75 8.25 8.3

Baker Brand Logo Blk Wht 8.25 Deck

From €85.00
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