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The company BCA which is the abbreviation of "Backcountry Access" is a company of the 90s (1994) specializing in the design of mountain safety equipment. The founders of the brand being from Colorado, began their activities in the heart of one of the largest mountain ranges in North America where the risk of avalanches is daily, as the snow is in abundance.

It all started in a Garage, and continues today in multiple ski and snowboard shops offering their customers a wide choice of technical mountain products, without neglecting comfort and safety.

The BCA brand offers a wide choice of quality products, such as its range of BCA Tracker, DVA (person detector) devices capable of carrying out searches for several people trapped in the snow. Easy to use, long range and ultra efficient, BCA transceivers are among the best on the market.

The great specialty of the Backcountry Access brand is also the Avalanche Backpack, or rather Anti Avalanche, which will allow you to navigate with your Freeride skis on a fresh snow slope in the Off-piste sector, with safety in addition to be able to float above the avalanche plate that could potentially have been triggered under your feet ...

These BCA bags are available in a wide choice of size and volume and especially with universal cylinder compatibility systems (CE & US standards), which will allow you to travel on all continents without seeing local standard concerns ...

Finally, like any major brand specializing in ski and snowboard gear, the mountain safety product company BCA also offers a wide choice of accessories that are useful for your future trips on the Chamonix glacier or in the heart of Alaska, with all the shovels. snow, probe and quality ice axes.

Hawaiisurf has always wanted to offer quality and safety to all customers who love adventure and even more in winter sport mode, so BCA largely deserves its place in our Paris ski shop!

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