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Bent Metal is one of the youngest companies to offer new snowboard bindings! This North American company quickly took its marks in the heart of the snowboard bindings market, thanks to a refined design, sober and classic colors, a series of pro model grand cru snowboard bindings.

Bentmetal is a division of the MERVIN USA group, the large company that manufactures all its products with hand finishing in the heart of the USA, in its own 100% green factory. The group is best known for designing the Lib Tech snowboard brand!

Thus at the heart of the Bent x Metal team it is common to find a good number of great snowboard pros also evolving for the brands Libtech snowboards or Gnu snowboards like the legendary Jamie Lynn or the killer game in JIb mode, Forest Bailey or Sean Genovese. the founder of DWD ...

Bent Metal snowboard bindings is the new company that relies on more modern snowboard bindings that can last even longer, with above all a gain in precision comfort, no matter whether you are a freestyle snowboard or freeride snowboarder.

Hawaiisurf shop snowboard Paris offers you to find a large part of the collection of the Bent Metal brand each season.

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