Black Crows Pilus Mentis Freebird Peaux De Phoque Ski



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The Pilus Mentis Freebird from Black Crows , are ultra performing and light skins which will facilitate your climbs as your descents! This strong yet durable hybrid model is completely indifferent to rapid temperature changes. These skins have an important peculiarity, they have a thin Ultra Light membrane, lighter and less bulky than the Super Light. It protects and waterproofs the glue . The Pilus Mentis Freebird are perfectly suited to the lightest bare ski models in the Freebird range: the Mentis, Ova and Orb models.

Thin Ultra Light membrane

Hydrophobic treatment without PFC

Double-layer hybrid glue, efficient and durable

New water-repellent material (reduction of chemical components in order to limit the ecological impact)

Perfect adhesion to the sole even at very low temperatures

Composition: 70% mohair, 30% synthetic nylon, offering an excellent ratio of grip, durability and glide

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Season FW21/22
Skins Type Mixed
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