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Now that you have chosen your brand new pair of Black Crows bare skis to go in adventure mode in the most beautiful spots of the Alps, the heart of the brand on the Chamonix side, you will have to compose in your brand new equipment ski with a good pair of Black Crows ski poles.

The French company has put the package both on the aesthetic aspect of its range of ski poles and on the quality side by offering a whole series adapted according to the profile of the skier for both recreational and intensive alpine skiing, on the piste, in freestyle as in ski touring.

The Meta ski pole model by Black Crows ski is a must for the brand but also in poles in general. We find each season this model which takes the color codes of the skis of the season with fluorescent and a gloss varnish which prevents the ski from quickly appearing too old. With a little luck these models of poles will go perfectly with your ski boots.

For those who need more width and a little more robustness, the Chamonix brand leaves us a more than positive opinion with the appearance of the youngest of the brand namely the Firmo model, also attractive by its color brilliance. and its robustness.

Fans of Freestyle and Freeride skiing who want beefy with large straps can directly opt for the Black Crows Oxus ski pole with its large strap and its long and comfortable grip to be able to need all the performance of a good pole in the ski area. all situations in high mountains.

Finally, a fan of ski touring and a fan of freerando skiing, it will be necessary to count on the tricolor brand with its two sublime telescopic ski touring poles since we find each season the Duos freebird and Trio freebird models, enough to match with the range. of the same name in the Black crows bare skis.

To climb Mont Blanc warm and dry, don't forget that the company offers a large collection of high-end ski jackets with membranes such as gore-tex. Finally, to keep the buttocks dry and have maximum amplitude, also opt for a model of black crows pants .

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