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Blind Og Stacked Stamp Orange 8.0 X 31.56 Skateboard Complet


Ref product : BLCOFU207
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Complete, versatile, efficient ... Just as many adjectives for this complete board! Blind offers you a perfect model for all beginners or those who want to skate good gear without breaking the bank.

The skateboard is delivered to you ready to ride, so don't wait any longer.

Construction: 7 ply maple for unparalleled strength

Size: 8.0 x 31.56

Concave: Medium, the most versatile for maximum pop

Grip: Black with maximum grip

Trucks: Tensor 5.2 ", solid and durable

Wheels: 52 MM 92 A, versatile to generate speed and have good grip

Bearings: Abec 7, well rolling

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