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Blind Tj Tricycle Reaper R7 Rogers 8.0 X 31.68 Deck Skate


Ref product : BLDK0389
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Blind is a real US brand as we love them at Hawaiisurf! A super cool look, a bling-bling board that shines, it comes without the gold chain, but the heart is there.

This board available in 8.0 is perfect for street and flat skating because it is super manoeuvrable and reactive thanks to its size. It will also be suitable for beginners who wish to make a set-up to adapt to their progress.

Grip offered!

Practical: Street / Park / Flat

Dimensions: 8.0 x 31.68

Material: 7 layers of maple

Shape: Street shape

Concave: Medium

Season INTP
Shape New School
Concave Medium
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