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Here you are, thanks to Santa Claus, equip your brand new ski clothing outfit and the whole family has been able to equip themselves with the latest ski equipment, it is now up to you to let yourself be tempted by the ski purchase next. of the last ski test carried out by Hawaiisurf and Blizzard , the modern brand which offers a large collection of quality pairs of ski touring, piste skiing and also superb fat freeride skis.

You were tired of seeing your spouse carving the track with his new pair of Dynastars and your children demonstrating their driving in powder with the pair of Faction and Armada, so you too take up the challenge of having fun while continuing to perform. on the slopes but also in freeride skiing thanks to the entire Blizzard ski collection, the high performance Austrian brand for downhill skiing in Europe

Blizzard offers both a good women's ski and a men's ski, regardless of the type of slats you prefer. For heavy snow conditions and if you want to test your endurance, you will be able to let yourself be tempted by the brand new Zero G ski range, and thus face the most beautiful peaks in the heart of the ski resorts of the Alps. These skis are relatively efficient in powder snow the day after heavy snowfall, and are also manoeuvrable on the piste. Hawaiisurf like other major players eksoport way, ski chrono you will say every season during a ski test, that this range remains one of our favorites ...

For those who are more of a magazine skier, and who want quality but above all unparalleled gliding pleasure and versatility, take a look at the Blizzard Rustler ski range!

This series is available in several waist widths, and in a women's ski version. Skiing with this pair of skis becomes a pleasure, enough not to regret your ski purchase.

Blizzard is the guarantee of choosing a great pair of skis to do like the local ski patroller during the ski season and take off in all conditions. Even the juniors will be able to have their favorite pairs and easily obtain their vermeil level ...

Blizzard is technical skiing, stylish with good rocker, a perfect sideline for each pair produced, enough to attack the snow front regardless of the quality of the latter.

Don't forget to equip yourself with a pair of tecnica ski boots to be a worthy representative of the Blizzard-Tecnica group!

Find all the ski buying guides, with our ski hawaiisurf blog articles and advice videos where you can effectively know how to choose your skis ...

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