Bones Bushings Soft White (jeu De 4 Gommes)



Ref product : BOBU001


Indispensable in the world of skateboarding for its multiple accessories, BONES unveils its superior quality BUSHINGS SOFT here. Very popular for their high-end urethane compositions, these gums are the most resistant and efficient on the market.

No break-in period to plan, they will allow you to acquire not only an excellent rebound but also an incomparable reactivity and all this durably. Increased sensations and increased performance, vs turns will be smooth and positive thanks to this winning composition.

The Bones bushing pack is for the set of two trucks, it is composed of 4 gums (2 upper and 2 lower) with integrated washers.

Bones Bushings Soft White (jeu De 4 Gommes)

Season INTP
Bushing Durometer 81 A
Bushing Type Cone