Bones Roulements Cleaner



Ref product : PWBECL


The days of the hassle with the old rag and / or cotton swab to clean your bearings are now over! BONES CLEANER arrives with its famous most effective and practical bearing cleaner on the market.

The use is simple, you just need to install your bearings on the rod, which will be separated by spacers provided and to incorporate a solvent (ex: Acetone or Alcohol) after having closed the whole magic kit. takes care of the rest. You can then unscrew the rod and find your bearings cleaned in depth independently.

Quick, simple, and inexpensive, this new accessory will not only allow you to protect your bearings but also to save a lot of money thanks to a longer life thanks to this regular maintenance. To try it is to adopt it !!

An essential accessory to prepare your set-up before good sessions.

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