Bones Wheels 58mm P5 (jeu De 4)



Ref product : BOWHSPF250


What does the alliance between a skate legend and an iconic brand of skate wheels give? The result is there ! The Bones Hawk Falcon II Spf P5 , very high quality wheels, ideal for park sessions! So if you want to send like Tony don't hesitate!

This model has the SP F (Skate Park Formula) formula : a very good quality wheel made with urethane specially designed to resist flatspot and to ride on smooth surfaces , in order to maintain good pop and a fast roll .

Diameter : 58mm

Width: 33mm

Hardness : 84 B (104a)

Shape : P5, ideal for long grinds in bowl or ramp.

Season INTP
Wheel Diameter 58 MM
Wheel Durometer 84 B