Bones Wheels Stf 54mm Zaprazny (jeu De 4) 54 Mm



Ref product : BOWHSTF0676


The brand new range of Bones wheels is finally here! The Zaprazny , is one of the most efficient wheels: equipped with the SP F formula and a hardness of 100 A , it is super fast and 100% flatspot resistant!

STF formula (Street Tech Formula): Fast wheel that grips or slips when needed and perfectly resists flatspots. This formula gives more control to ride with confidence. These are the most efficient wheels from Bones , their wear allows them to last even longer than conventional wheels.

Diameter : 54MM

Width : 31MM

Hardness : 100A

Shape : V5 Sidecut

Season INTP
Wheel Diameter 54 MM
Wheel Durometer 100 A