Bones Wheels Stf 54mm Zaprazny (set Of 4) 54 Mm



Ref product : BOWHSTF0676


The all new range of Bones wheels has finally arrived! The Zaprazny is one of the most efficient wheels: endowed with the SP F formula and a hardness of 100 A , it is super fast and 100% resistant to flatspot !

STF Formula (Street Tech Formula): Fast wheel that grips or slips when needed and which resists flatspot perfectly. This formula gives you more control to ride with confidence. These are the most efficient wheels from Bones , their wear makes it possible to last even longer than conventional wheels.

Diameter : 54 MM

Width : 31 MM

Hardness : 100 A

Shape : V5 Sidecut

Season INTP
Wheel Diameter 54 MM
Wheel Durometer 100 A