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The top of the Bones Skateboard wheels by Hawaiisurf

The best selection of Bones skateboard wheels on sale at the Parisian skateshop Hawaiisurf and on our website in real time! ATF, SP F or STF profile wheels are all available in the Hawaiisurf skateshop!

The best Bones bearings on

Qualitative selection of skateboard bones bearings for sale on and at the Parisian skate shop Hawaiisurf! The classic redz bones bearings never out of stock!

Behind the designations "Bones Wheels" or "Bones Bearings", we must already go back to the source and the founding father of these two brands which still appeal to skateboarders, regardless of their style of skate or their generation, with a certain Georges Powell! Yes we are of course talking about the guy who founded among others Powell Peralta (with Stacy Peralta at the time).

If you've been looking for quality skateboard wheels and skate bearings, don't switch brands, you've come to the right place in the heart of the Hawaiisurf Skate Shop. Throughout the year, we offer you a wide choice of equipment from the Bones Brigade brand (a nod to the oldest in 80s skateboarding), with the entire collection of Bones bearings and Bones Wheels.

For the Wheels, the new versions intended for skateboarding have taken a boost since the creation of a new skate wheel shape, associated with rubber qualities more or less specific to precise skateboarding practices. You will find all the Bones skate wheels through the STF (street Formula), ATF (all Terrain Formula) or even SP F (Skate Park Formula) ranges.

In terms of Bones Bearings, you will equip your skateboard with the set of “Bones Redz” bearings, the best value for money on the market for ages! If you ever want more details, bet on the Swiss bearings ranges or even the “VIP” with the Ceramic range…

Beyond the Skatebord wheels and bearings, Hawaiisurf offers in its skate shop a slew of accessories of all kinds, well used for each profile of skater to have the best possible sessions at the skate park with skate tools, skateboard cleaner or more bushings and riser pads.

Hawaiisurf is the best ambassador for Bones Wheels and Bones Bearings 7/7, 24/24 on and at the heart of our local Skate Shop.

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