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The Bones brand is above all renowned for its wheels. Many skaters will tell you that performance and quality wheel are all the same. A wheel is a wheel! but in reality it is much more subtle than that. There are actually a lot of disparities between the raw material, the manufacturing process, the quality control and the final performance. This makes each brand of wheel very different. Many brands make their reputation through trends (or marketing), word of mouth, current trends or the skating teams that support them. Bones wheels owe their reputation solely to their wheel's superior quality, performance and durability.

Let it be said, Bones wheels are not the cheapest on the market but their quality is such that they resist much longer than the others. All in all, you will save money by buying Bones wheels if skateboarding is your passion and you wear the asphalt all day long.

Buying solid wheels is the best investment a skater can make.

Pair the wheels with the right Bones bearings for even better glide quality.

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Wheels Black
Sizes:  53 MM

Bones Wheels 53mm V4 (jeu De 4)

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