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Bont Quadstar Boots + Platine


Ref product : 099238


The famous Australian speed BONT brings us all its know-how for ever more technical and lighter Derby skates;

The Quadstar, efficiency at the best price.

Boots: Its genuine Australian leather boots allow comfort and increased durability, but that's not all this shoe has to offer. Your toes are also protected with protection. Triple layers to which you could add the Rubber Protective Front Bumper which is the interchangeable toe guard from BONT available in various colors. The base of these boots is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin which gives it unparalleled rigidity and lightness. But above all, the Quadstar is completely thermoformable for an optimal adjustment to your feet and your skating (whether in the oven or hair dryer, at home or in the store).

Platinum: Ignite Derby combines lightness and strength thanks to its reinforced fiberglass construction . Its 8mm axis will allow you to adjust your glide with the majority of bearings. Mounted on a BONT shoe this turntable gives you exceptional control and speed at an affordable price.

Stopper: is an efficient and unpretentious entry level .

To sum up the BONT Quadstar will give you an ideal FIT . Whether you are a blocker or a jammer , confirmed or Fresh, this skate will be your perfect ally for the seasons to come.

Be careful, Bont slippers fit large, remember to take a size below:
Ex: If you are doing a 40, take a 39.

Season 2019